10 Essential Car Hacks Every Driver Needs to Know

Cars can be expensive and you can’t always take them to the mechanic for repairs or to the car wash for cleaning. Therefore, we have come up with 10 car hacks that will make your experience on the road better, regardless of the type of car you own. Here are some simple tricks of the trade that can make your next car ride pleasant and help you save some money on repairs

1.  Use Nail Polish on a Windshield Crack

A windshield crack is never good news. Once the crack starts expanding and spreading, there’s no turning back. If your windshield cracks and you can’t get it replaced anytime soon, use some nail polish on it that will prevent the crack from spreading.

2.  Use Nail Polish for Scratches

If you are impressed with how a nail polish can fix your windshield crack, wait till you read this— you can use nail polish to cover minor scratches on your car’s exterior. Car paint takes up a lot of time and money, even for the smallest of scratches. So if that scratch is bothering you, fix it yourself using a same colored nail polish.

3.   Use Toothpaste to Clean Headlights

A car’s headlights are majorly exposed to sun rays, radiation, chemical reactions in the air, and dirt and dust. These radiations leave the headlights dirty and foggy, and it is impossible to clean them using only water. Over time, this leads to dimmer lights from the headlights, making it dangerous and inconvenient for the driver.

Toothpaste is what you need to fix this problem without having to go to a car mechanic. Apply the toothpaste directly on the headlight glass and rub it using a cotton cloth. Rinse the headlight later with clean water. You will notice the difference. Your headlights will turn brighter again!

4.  Use a Plunger to Fix Dents

A car dent is never pleasing, regardless of whose fault it is. You may find small dents on your car every now and then. If you have kids, you probably know what we are talking about. Kids end up smashing their bicycles on car doors often. Here’s what you can do about it: use a plunger to pull out the dent.

Yes, that’s right! Your plunger fixes not only your clogged drain but also the dents on your car, saving your trip to the mechanic.

5.   Use Mints or Chewing Gum to Stop Leaks

Leaking fuel tanks is a common problem that drivers face. Even when you are going for new cars for sale, your car fuel tank requires constant care and maintenance. If you avoid maintenance, your car tank may end up leaking. During long drives, a leaking fuel tank can be dangerous as well as problematic. Even the smallest leak may result in inefficient fuel consumption and added costs.

With this hack, no matter where you are, you won’t have to wait to reach the mechanic to prevent the leakage. You can simply use your half chewed mint or chewing gum to stop the leakage. It will hold the tank in place temporarily until you find a permanent fix.

6.   Make Use of DIY iPad Holder for Headrests

This DIY technique to make an iPad holder for the headrest will help all those who have kids. All you need is a roll of tape, any fabric cut in strips, cardboard, pins, and a pair of scissors. You can use the fabric and tie it around the headrest using pins to keep it together. Use the cardboard and tape to create a pocket for the iPad.

This car hack is for passengers in the backseat who want to watch videos and enjoy the ride without feeling bored. You can also use this DIY holder for smartphones so that you don’t have to keep looking down while texting, following a map, or receiving a call.

7.   Make Seat Hangers

Use hangers or stick-on hooks, which are used at the back of the doors, on your car seats. You can use the hooks to hang handbags and shopping bags that you would keep on the seat otherwise. With this car hack, you can create extra space on the seat and not worry about your stuff falling out of the bags.

8.   Keep Your Steering Wheel Cool

To keep your steering wheel cool when parked under the sun— turn your steering wheel by 180 degrees before getting off the car. This way,  the lower side will remain cool and you can turn it back when you start driving. We think this is one of the coolest hacks!

9.   Use a Pool Noodle Bumper

Garages are usually only big enough to fit in your car. Often, we find our car doors hitting the wall when we open them. This can dent the car door and cause scratches as well as damage the garage wall.

This is where a pool noodle bumper comes in. Cut the pool noodle bumper in half and nail it onto the wall. There you go! Now you can open your car door without fear as the pool noodle bumper will prevent it from hitting the wall.

10.  Fill in Your Gas Smartly

We spend so much on fuel costs every year. What if we tell you there’s a hack through which you can get more fuel in your tank at the same price?

All you have to do is hold the trigger halfway when filling the tank. This way, you will get less air and more fuel into your tank.

With these car hacks, you can take care of your car and enjoy your drive at the same time. The best part is that some hacks can make your car look as good as new, so you won’t have a problem if you want to sell it in the future. Naperville used car dealers can help you get good deals on your car.

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