10-Must Have Items for Your Car before Planning Any Trip

Are you planning a road trip?

Road trips are fun and exciting. However, things can take a nasty turn if your new or used car is not well-prepared for the trip.

There are some road trip packing essentials that you must have in your car if you want to tread smoothly on the road without any problems. So, before you grab your keys and head out for an exciting road trip with the people you love, you must make sure that you have these car essentials for a road trip. This will not only keep you safe, but it will also make your journey a memorable one.

To help you have a wonderful road trip, we have compiled a list of things to pack for a road trip.

1.  License and Registration

Don’t forget to keep your license and registration documents with you when you are traveling by road somewhere. You have to carry these documents whenever you are traveling in your car. You should also have your driver’s license with you whenever you take your car out of your garage. Moreover, these documents should be readily available in case an official needs to see them. Thus, don’t pack them up in the luggage. Keep them somewhere you can find and hand them over instantly.

2.  Car Manual

It is always handy to carry your car manual with you when you are going on a road trip. A car manual comes in handy when a car problem arises while you are on the road. You may not carry it if you think you know your vehicle inside out. However, it is suggested that you keep it with you.

3.  Spare Tire

It is important to get the air pressure in your tires checked before you leave for any road trip. This will ensure your safety and reduce the chances of accidents. In addition to checking the air pressure, you must also keep a spare tire with you in the car. Also, get the spare tire checked before you set out on the journey. You should also have an iron and jack in the car in case you need to change a tire during the journey.

4.  Fluids

It is important to get your car serviced before you set out on a long road trip. Experts will check if you need an engine oil change. They will also check the level of other fluids in the body such as the steering wheel oil and brake oil. If you have an older car, then it is best to carry spare fluids with you while you are traveling. These include brake oil, coolant, wiper fluid, and other important fluids. Ask your mechanic about the condition of your car and which fluids you might need. This will help you have a safe journey and you will have fluids at hand if you need any during the travel.

5. Jumper Cables

Also commonly known as touching wires, these come in handy in case your battery dies. Jumper cables are cheap to buy and essential in case of emergencies. These should be present and readily available in your cars not only for long road trips but also for everyday driving. Even the perfect batteries can give up on you on long journeys. Therefore, it is best to have jumper cables so that you can start your engine again and charge the battery. This will help you reach the nearest garage, where you can get the battery checked by experts.

6. Tool Bag

Carrying a tool bag is especially important if you own a used car or an older vehicle. If you don’t have one, it’s never too late to purchase one as it can help you get back on the road safely. You can use the tools in it to replace tubes and fan belts and clean the carburetor. You will not be left stranded in the middle of the journey when you have a tool kit with you.

7. First Aid Kit

You must also carry a first aid kit with all the first aid material you may need in case you meet an accident on the road. Keep things like bandages, Band-Aids, painkillers, and tissues in the first aid kit. This will help you in case anyone is hurt. You can also keep the medicines you take in this kit so that you don’t have to get into the luggage each time you need to take a dose.

8. Car Emergency Kit

While one hopes that they will have a safe and sound road trip, you never know when you will need help. The things you should keep in the emergency kit depend on where you are traveling. However, it never hurts to keep some extra oil, tools, coolants, zip ties, rope, new wiper blades, etc. in the kit when you are traveling.

9. Duct Tape

Yes, you read that correctly. A duct tape comes in handy when you may have to wrap some wiring or fix a broken light. There are 1001 uses for Duct tape!

10. Maps

If you are traveling on a route that you haven’t taken before, then it is best to carry maps of the area with you. Of course, you don’t need maps if you have GPS in your car. Just make sure you have something that helps you easily navigate the area and find your way.

These were the important things to have in your car before planning any road trip. Make sure you get your car checked thoroughly by a mechanic before you set out on your journey.

Safe Travels!

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