74,000 Malaysian Myvi Perodua cars recalled

Malaysians who have purchased a Perodua Myvi from 2010 to 2013 are advised to check with perodua directly to find out if their Myvi needs to be recalled and problems fixed with their car.

The latest Perodua recall begain in January 2013 and it is believed there are still a number of cars with existing problems which still have not yet presented to have their problems fixed. Myvi cars manufactured in the period March 2011 to March 2012 were recalled to fix problems with power steering and related electronics (EPS). According to the car manufacturer, approximately 74,000 Perodua Myvi cars are covered by the recall.

The company expressed to the public who may not have yet checked, or decided not to return their car, for recall, that doing so will improve the handling and safety of their vehicles to a great extent. The managing director of Perodua, Datuk Aminar claimed that the recall was necessary since the safety of the cars would not be optimal till the EPS (Electronic Power Steering) problem was fixed.

The faulty EPS could also adversely affect the response time of the driver when the vehicle is driven at a low speed. He claimed that Perodua had conducted studies to analyze the problem, and it was detected when the indicator of the EPS is alight on the dashboard. However, the EPS is prone to sudden failure and the indicator light can literally come on at the exact time as power steering is required, making the situation potentially unsafe.

Drivers who experienced the fault found that the steering was slightly heavier and difficult to use when the car had a driving speed of thirty to forty kilometers per hour. In his statement, the Perodua’s Md. Salleh claimed that there was a temporary fix for the problem if it occurred, that owners could shut down the engine and restart the car. to eliminate the EPS issue. However, he said that the company preferred to permanently fix the problem and ensure that there was no risk at all to its customers, hence the car was recalled.

He said that customers could contact any of the 170 Perodua service centres in Malaysia to fix an appointment. These service centres would then replace the faulty EPS column of the affected Myvi Perodua cars free of charge and it is a very quick repair.

Aminar mentioned that customers who have purchased a Perodua Myvi during the recall period have received a letter with information about the recall. He also confirmed that the customer would not have to pay any money, Perodua company would pay for all the expenses incurred for replacing the EPS column in the Myvi car. There is no end date specified for the recall of the Perodua Myvi cars.

However, the Perodua worker said that customers will find it better if they contact the service centers at the earliest and fix a convenient date for an appointment. This will ensure that the EPS columns in the cars are replaced quickly and smoothly, avoiding any problem at a later date.

Perodua has mentioned that while customers can use their Perodua workshop manual to repair the car using aftermarket components, the official Perodua dealerships can ensure this is done properly with genuine parts and free of charge.

Perodua is a independent manufacturer in Malaysia with collaboration with Daihatsu Japan, to build cars in Malaysia based on Daihatsu models, making changes to ensure they are attractive and well suited to the Malaysian market. As of 2019 they are Malaysias most popular car manufacturer, with Proton a close second place.

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