Are You Driving a Side by Side for the First Time? This Article is for You!

Congratulations on finally mustering up the courage to ride a side by side. So, before you get too tempted to ride one, you need to consider a few things. We have listed some tips below for you if you are a first time cote a cote noir driver.

  1. Get ready to get a little dirty

As long as you are planning on driving your SXS in a building like a plant or an airport with concrete floors, you are most likely to get a little dirty so always be prepared for that. In other words, not wearing your favorite clothes when riding one. Also store your phone and other non-waterproof electronics in order to keep them safe and clean. Ever SXS comes with great under the seat storage box that fits perfectly. The thermoplastic tray is easy to install and can tolerate intense conditions.

  1. Safety is a priority

Always take a few safety measures. Most of the SXSs come bearing some standard safety features like DOT approved seat belts, brake lights, headlights, and some kind of ROPS. But, if you have something speedy in mind and confronting the terrain with bumps and turns, then always wear helmet and goggles. Also wear long sleeves, pants and proper shoes. Level up your ride with a few customizations and upgrades. This entails adding a windshield or a hard top or full cab enclosure for safety measures.

  1. Get someone professional to accompany you

If you have someone riding in the passenger seat or if you are following a friend, always have someone along who is well acquainted with all the SXS stuff. Driving an SXS is lot like driving a car where your friend can help you in dodging the tough terrain and be your co pilot.

  1. Read the user manual

It is always the best practice to refer to the user manual for your specific utility vehicle. Get acquainted with the buttons and what they do, the safety precautions and maintenance tips. Also learn about the steps to be taken before stepping on the accelerator. It is a bad practice to just sit on it and taking off at a high speed. Engines need time to come alive. It doesn’t take longer for your engine to get the capacity it was meant for, but it is a good idea to take it slow in the start to prevent yourself from ending in a snafus.

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