Basics of Car Engine Oil

In this technologically advanced and developed era, owning a car is not so difficult. Owning a car/ bike has become more of a necessity than a luxury. While you can buy a car without burning a hole in your pocket because of the various payment options available, maintaining the health of your machine is very crucial and requires solid measures.

Like humans, cars require proper maintenance and care. The engine is like the heart of a machine, and engine oil is the blood that keeps it going and ensures its proper functioning and longevity. The engine is composed of a number of motor parts that move together to turn fuel into mechanical energy. When these parts move, friction is produced. This friction can result in wear and tear of the parts if not dealt with properly. This is where engine oil plays its role. Engine oil, very often known as a lubricant, helps in lubrication of these parts. Made of chemical compounds derived from products of petroleum and non-petroleum nature, engine oil helps in creating a viscous film between motor parts of an engine and ensures the smooth functioning of the engine.

Engine oil is a semi-solid or liquid substance that is oily in nature. Its role is not limited to lubrication. Car Engine Oil helps in cooling down the engine by absorbing the heat dissipated by the motion of motor parts and that lowers down the temperature of the engine to an optimum level. It has the ability to remove any sort of carbon deposits on the motor parts of an engine because of the additives present in it and hence acts as a cleaning agent for your engine as well. Another advantage of engine oil is that it helps prolong the life of an engine by preventing the risk of corrosion and in turn increasing the life of your machine as well.

Car engine oil differs from bike engine oil as bike engine oil doesn’t require friction modifiers. Engine oil in bikes tends to shear more easily; therefore bike engine oil should provide exceptional protection against viscosity loss.  The process of changing the engine oil in case of cars and bikes is essentially the same.

Therefore, it is crucial that you choose the right engine oil for your machine to ensure its smooth functioning. Changing the engine oil of your car helps get rid of the contaminated engine oil and in turn refreshing the whole system. So, look after your machine for a hassle-free ride.

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