Become A Truck Driver Even If You Have No Experience

Imagine all the trucks that you see everyday on the roads of each and every place in the city and the overall number of trucks that operates in your state. This will simply give you an idea of all the CDL job openings in Long Beach that there could be. Well, let’s not just go by assumptions alone.

The well reputed Duncan & Son Lines are hiring truck drivers for their organization. Here is a link of listed openings in their company for a CDL driver whose operating range is in and around Long Beach –

Apply for this and for openings like this even if you don’t have any experience as a truck driver.

If you get selected in good companies like this you could make a meaningful and balanced career with them as a truck driver. The work culture is fast changing these days and there are quite a bunch of employee friendly trucking companies with good work culture that is one of the important aspects to look for in companies offering jobs in this field.

Things you need to do

There are a few things that you need to do, either as a work around to substitute your lack of commercial vehicle driving experience or to gain truck driving experience. Once you have done these, you can aim for great positions as CDL drivers in great companies.

  • Apply for many jobs – The number of jobs you apply, there is always more probability that you will end up finding a company that will give you an opportunity.
  • Apply for Apprenticeship Programs – Not all, but some companies offer these positions. This is for freshers and it will help you accumulate a great deal of experience out in your field of work.
  • Take up a little less paid job – Until you gain experience, take up a job even if that pays you a little less the market standards. This will increase the reason why a company should hire you, an inexperienced driver. Your employer gets some savings in his operational cost while you get an opportunity to gain experience.

  • Take up a job as a driver of something other than a tractor trailer. This helps you gain driving experience and later you can apply for truck driver’s position. 

So, worry no more for you got no experience. Grab this opportunity and become a CDL truck driver. There is always a first time.

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