Can I Sell My Damaged Car Without Fixing It?

A common question by motorists who own a damaged or unwanted car, is whether they can sell their damaged car without fixing it. This is understandable: the cost of fixing even the most minor of issues can put a hole in your wallet and who wants that? Luckily, the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’, thanks to authentic Auto Wreckers like Car Removals On Time Melbourne. Melbourne Car Wreckers are a convenient way for owners of unwanted vehicles to sell their car, even when they might seem unsellable to your usual Car Buyers.

Auto Wreckers Pay Cash for Cars for Their Auto Parts, So No Car Is Worthless

If you asked your usual Used Car Buyer if they’d buy a damaged car, you’ll likely get turned down. This is because places like Used Car Yards buy vehicles to resell and a damaged vehicle is the hardest of them all to sell. But with Cash for Cars companies like Car Removals On Time, you get a guaranteed offer even if your car is:

  •         Damaged
  •         Wrecked
  •         Old
  •         Scrap
  •         Junk
  •         Accident Damaged
  •         Flood Damaged
  •         Mechanically Fault
  •         Written Off
  •         Registered & Unregistered
  •         It Won’t Start
  •         Is No Longer Roadworthy

What Makes My Damaged Car Valuable to a Cash for Cars Company?

Sure, your car may be damaged or even no longer roadworthy – but it’s still got a wealth of valuable scrap metals and auto parts which are worth a lot. These parts can then be dismantled, tested, recycled and refurbished.

Some of the parts that Auto Wreckers value include:

  •         Alternator
  •         Radiator
  •         Catalytic Converter
  •         Transmission
  •         Battery
  •         Bumpers
  •         Windows and Windscreen
  •         Doors
  •         Hoods
  •         Panels
  •         Grilles
  •         Headlights
  •         Fenders
  •         Seats
  •         Tailgates
  •         Engine Parts
  •         Air Conditioning System
  •         Stereo
  •         Mirrors

How Much Can I Sell My Damaged Car for with a Car Removal Company?

If you live in Melbourne, you can sell your car for up to $9,999 ‘Instant Cash for Cars’ with Car Removals On Time Melbourne. We pay the highest industry rates for unwanted vehicles thanks to our honest work ethic and experienced team who understand that there’s more value than meets the eye in a damaged car. Simply give Car Removals On Time a call or contact us online and we’ll provide a Free Cash for Cars Quote for you in minutes.

Contact Car Removals On Time today at 0481 332 220 / 0387 123 683

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