Car Wreck Cases: Is There a Time Limit on Resolving Them?

Car accidents can occur when least expected, and they sometimes leave behind staggering injuries and damages that can affect a person for years to come. When someone is seriously injured in such an accident, it is imperative they seek medical attention and legal help right away. Getting help from the lawyer will allow the injured party to learn more about their rights and the laws that govern them.

Understanding the Laws That Govern Car Accident Cases

When someone is injured in a serious car wreck, they need to be sure they are aware of the laws that govern personal injury claims in their state. One of the important laws is the statute of limitations.

Each state has its own statute of limitations. This is the time limit a person has to file a lawsuit. The statute of limitations can range from one to four years, depending on the state. Waiting too long to file a lawsuit can result in individuals being unable to further pursue the matter in court.

Taking the Right Steps Is Important

Taking the right steps after a serious accident is crucial. The first step is seeking medical care to ensure there are no serious injuries that could lead to problems. Sometimes, internal injuries do not show any outward signs right away. Seeking medical treatment will also provide needful medical records that can be used for proving measurable damages.

Once the injured victim is under the care of a doctor, they need to make sure they seek legal help, especially if their injuries are severe. Even if the victim is unsure if they need legal help, it would be wise for them to at least consult with a lawyer to learn more about their rights and best form of legal recourse.

Hiring a Lawyer Keeps the Case on Schedule

When a lawyer is hired to handle a car accident claim, they will take over the steps involved in pursuing every part of the process. Working with a team of investigators allows the lawyer to gather vital evidence that will be used to prove the measurable damages.

Injured victims who try to go through the process alone often find themselves in over their heads. Because there is so much involved in the process of settling an accident claim, injured victims may find it arduous to stay on the right timeline. Needless delays can sometimes lead to problems with the looming statute of limitations and running out of time.


The statute of limitations is different for every state and cannot be ignored. Once the time limit is up, the injured party can no longer pursue the matter in court or through any other means.

Getting help from a lawyer can make the process of settling a car accident claim much more effective so time is not wasted. The sooner an injured victim gets a lawyer involved, the better the chances of them being able to stay on track and receive the fair outcome they deserve.

Pursuing a car accident claim alone is not wise because there is a lot involved, including paperwork and negotiations. Lawyers understand the statute of limitations laws and will help their client stay on schedule for the best outcome. It is important to at least schedule a consultation appointment before proceeding with a settlement.

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