Choose the Best Type of Auto Carrier for Safe Transport of Your Vehicle

When you want to ship your car from one place to another, you will eventually need to decide what kind of auto carrier that you require. Generally, there are two kinds of auto carriers, open and close. You can choose either depending on your preference.

Ship a Car, Inc is an online service provider that helps you to transport your car safely. You can easily avail the services by filling up a form with your vehicle details on their website. They offer auto shipping service across the country as well as other parts of the world. When it comes to shipping any kind of vehicle, there is not better option than Ship a Car Inc.

However, before you hire their services, you need to understand the difference between the different types of auto carriers to suit your needs.

  1. Open car carriers:

This is the most traditional form of carrier which is mostly seen on the roads. These open carrier car transport every type of car from vintage cars to new cars. They come in different sizes. Ideally, they can carry up to 30 cars at once. However, it is dangerous at the same time, as it leads to many road accidents. Many people prefer it because they are cheap, and best for short distance transport.

  1. Single Car Haulers:

Single car trailers are known as towing vehicles. These are big trucks suitable to carry only one vehicle. This type of car shipping is the least preferred, as it gets costly at times.

  1. Enclosed Trailers:

It is a better solution to protect your cars from harsh weather. These trailers have a roof and two walls for protection. It carries few vehicles at one time. You can choose to transport single vehicle by paying more money. However, everybody cannot solely afford the enclosed trailers as it is quite expensive. The transport of vehicle is faster than that of the other ways, as only few cars are loaded and the carrier is not too heavy.

  1. Enclosed multicar level carrier:

This is a type of trailer is used to transport sports, luxury and classic cars. It is more efficient as it protects the vehicles in far much better than any other trailers from the elements of weather, and ensures secured and protected delivery.

Thus, after knowing all the different types of carriers, let’s have a look at the other essential points to keep in mind while choosing a car delivery service.

  • Determining the car delivery:

The customer can choose terminal to terminal i.e. the fixed pick up points for delivery or door to door delivery. The former is inexpensive and affordable while the latter is costlier, but much more convenient.

  • Shipping Rates:

One should know the shipping rates of vehicles before making a delivery. The cost of different carriers is different and it depends upon the distance of travel, i.e. your pick up point to destination.

The prices would increase during the peak months. So, one can pre – book to avoid last minute rush and avail the discounts during off – seasons as well. You can also ask for refunds if the delivery is delayed.

One can book any vehicle trailer according to their requirement, purpose, distance, number of vehicles and shipping rates. However, it is recommended to consider all the pros and cons and select the best option.

Determine your preferred mode of travel

Carriers provide a variety of services, with some providing more than others. Determine the sort of auto transport service you want and confirm that the provider provides it. Consider your budget, timeline, and any other needs that may be unique to the sort of vehicle you intend to transfer. Some carriers, for instance, may only provide terminal-to-terminal delivery, necessitating the use of a third-party service to finish the delivery to a specified location. If you want to know the guaranteed delivery date when choosing A1 Auto Transport, check it out here:

Choose between open and closed transit

Open transport often utilizes flatbed trailers or trucks to carry automobiles. The benefit of adopting an open transportation system is that more vehicles may be transported simultaneously. It is economical, efficient, and saves time. However, the vehicles are exposed to the weather during the shipment. This includes wind, precipitation, dust, snow, hail, and ice. Closed transport, on the other hand, provides protection since enclosed trucks are used to carry the vehicles. It transports a smaller number of vehicles each truckload and is more costly than an open auto transport system

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