Comprehensive Reasons to Install Car Security Systems

Car Security Systems have become increasingly popular in these few years just because they have so many interesting things to offer. Technically, it’s a camera that can be mounted on the dashboard or windshield of your car, specially designed to record pictures and sounds while driving. Dash cams are designed to record sounds and images while you are on a drive. The purpose of the dash cam is to cautiously record every element. These dash cams are used all around the world for personal or commercial purposes and have been proved to very beneficial.

The best part is that they can be easily coupled with other in-car technologies like GPS trackers, making it more purposeful. You can choose from a wide array of dash cams, low-end variants offering basic features to high-end ones with wider range of features. If we talk about India, then we have the best option, namely KENT CamEye, an innovative dash cam quite rich in features.

KENT CamEye is, in fact, a dash cam cum GPS tracker that has been specially designed, keeping in mind the security needs of Indian consumers. This easy to install car camera can be mounted on the windshield to record everything happening inside or outside your car. What make this device best to use are the features like live streaming, 2-way calling, real-time alerts and location tracking. So, you get complete car security system for your car and its occupants.

Here is an insight into how installing a KENT CamEye can be beneficial for you.

  1. No need of frequent battery changing: As an auto power-on device, KENT CamEye starts recording immediately when the engine is turned on. It has an in-built battery of 3000mAh that holds charge for longer. As soon as the car trip begins, the device plugged on to a charger, starts charging and stops when the car is parked. So, bid adieu to the hassle of battery replacement.
  2. No more in-device memory troubles: Dash cams, in general, provide an extensive memory capacity but most of them rely on an SD card to store the recorded data. At some point, the SD card’s memory gets full, and you have to delete the previous recordings to resume or the auto loop feature erases the older data. KENT CamEye has put an end to this concern by offering secure Cloud storage.

It stores all the trip recordings (including time-lapse video) on a secure Cloud system, that too on a real-time basis. It thus, makes you independent of the in-device memory. The data remains available to access at any point of time through the app.

  1. Cherish the memories:  You can make your road trips unforgettable with KENT CamEye by recording your journey. So, whenever the nostalgia kicks, you can see your journey over and over again. KENT CamEye has 720p dual cameras enabled with night vision, offering you excellent quality footage. The device installed on the windshield can record time-lapse videos of both the outside and inside view of the car.
  2. Capture any unexpected incidents on road: You must have seen the videos on social media, showing unexpected incidents happening on the road. Have you ever thought about how these videos get recorded? Well, mostly it’s a dash cam that helps in recording the view outside the car.

With KENT CamEye in your car, you can capture any incident on the road. It automatically starts recording time-lapse video of both the inside and outside view of the car in motion. You can fetch the video later from Cloud storage by downloading it on the mobile app.

These were some of the benefits other than the conventional ones that you rarely think of. Perhaps by now you might have changed your mind over buying KENT CamEye for your car.

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