Designing A Website For Car Dealerships: Focus On The Right Aspects!

Automotive niche websites often end up looking similar, primarily because designers and website are not willing to take risks. It also has to do with the nature of the niche. After all, it is hard to add extra glamour to old cars, auto parts and accessories. Also, it is not wise to have a complicated website, especially if you are going to manage your website on your own. In this simple post, we are discussing more on how to design a perfect website for your car dealership.

Go for WordPress

You can find endless WordPress tutorials on setting up your website, and WordPress also offers a website builder. You can use one of their templates that works for the auto niche to build your website from scratch, so in a way, you can skip the need for a web developer. However, if you want a more customized website, it is always wise to get an experienced web designer on-board.

Focus on models but also on your brand

Eventually, you are selling cars, and you have to highlight the brands, models and makes that are up for sale. It is easy for any website visitor to be enamored by the cars, but you also want your brand to stand out. Make sure that the website has a design that is consistent and represents your dealership like a brand.

Minimal design, apt color scheme and great pictures

In the nutshell, these are just the three aspects that matter for most automotive niche sites. You want the images and pictures to stand out, especially that of cars and new models. If you sell old and secondhand cars, a good idea is to invest in professional photography or a nice camera. You want the pictures to be original and stylish, and that creates and impression. The color scheme of your car dealership website has to be extremely balanced, with colors that work for the brand needs. It can be about contrast, muted colors or use of glossy themes, but keep it easy on the eyes. Minimalism often matters the most for websites that are more focused on visual content.

Finally, make sure that the website has a great structure and interface, so that users can find the information that they need. A good website is the one that offers easy navigation and good content without complicated design elements. Check a few competitor sites for ideas and design inspiration.

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