Do I need run-flat tyres?

A run-flat tyre, for the most part, is just like a pneumatic tyre but with the ability to not collapse when punctured and it empowers the vehicle to keep on being driven at very low air pressure. However, there are limitations in terms of speed the vehicle can be driven at and the distance it can cover when punctured. The fundamental advantage of the run-flat tyre proceeds with the versatility of it being mobile in the wake of a typical puncture.

With the ever-increasing prominence of run-flat tyres, it is nothing unexpected that numerous modern vehicles are presently outfitted with run-flats as Original Equipment. Check buy OEM tires for your car make and model in UAE.

In case you’re uncertain about whether your vehicle has run-flats, the easiest approach to check is if the sidewall is marked with ZP, RFT, SEAL, or the run-flat sign. The vehicle will likewise be fitted with a TPMS to screen any weight changes, which means identifying and fixing punctures or low weight has gotten a lot simpler.

While there is nothing that forces you to have run-flat tyres, an ever-increasing number of individuals have shown interest in run-flat due to their advantages and how they will influence a vehicle. Along these lines, we have assembled the three primary advantages that they can offer. With this data, in addition to some significant things to remember, you will have the option to settle on an educated buy in terms of whether run-flats tyres are for you or not.

Advantages of the run-flat tyre

Here are some of the advantages of the run-flat tyres:

Never get stuck in the middle of nowhere

Getting a flat tyre is the worst nightmare of every driver, especially on the lonely highway. Besides wasting time, it additionally implies you need to invest energy to supplanting the tyre. This can be risky, particularly on the off chance that you need to pull over on a busy road or when you are a noob to changing a tyre. Add extremely warm or cold climate to the blend, and it’s a formula for the devastating experience.

However, if you have run-flat tyres, you will be at peace, as it enables you to keep on driving until you arrive at a service centre and have the tyre patched up.

Nonetheless, there is a catch. You must have good quality and genuine run-flat tyres; otherwise, you will get disappointed. Make sure that you buy a run-flat from reliable tyre stores such as PitStopArabia or any other in your proximity.

Increase safety and reliability

Imagine a scenario where you are driving at a speed of 90kmh and your tyres get punctured, well it can be devastating in terms that you will lose control of your vehicle. However, the strengthened sidewall and self-supporting structure of the run-flat tyre enables you to maintain control of the vehicle when the tyre gets punctured at high speeds.

Run-flat tyre additional helps you to keep driving at a speed of up to 50mph without impacting the overall performance and health of your tyres. Run-flat tyres are intended to be more steady than normal tyres, regardless of whether there is almost no air in them.

You do not need spare tyre anymore

Perhaps the biggest advantage of run-flat tyres is the comfort of not having a spare tyre in your vehicle. The run-flat tyre makes driving less hectic and saves a lot of cash. This upside of the run-flat tyre also brings down the weight of the vehicle, which in turn prompts better fuel efficiency and mileage. It likewise disposes of making additional extra room in your vehicle.

Note: make sure to have run-flat tyres that perform well in both summer and wet climate, making it an incredible all-round tyre, which you don’t need to stress over supplanting as the seasons change.


If your vehicle isn’t equipped with run-flat tyres, then it is always a great idea to have them install until and unless your vehicle supports them. Most importantly, it’s not ideal to install run-flat tyres to a vehicle not set up to accommodate them.

It may be enticing to supplant your factory fitted run-flats with the standard ones, maybe due to the low-cost of traditional tyres. Be that as it may, this isn’t prescribed in light of the fact that an ordinary tyre could influence the overall handling of your vehicle, making it progressively hazardous to drive.

It’s not for the most part prescribed to blend different tyre types on a similar vehicle. This is on the grounds that the tyres have various qualities which can modify the driving and overall performance of the vehicle. Hence, in the event that you are going to change to run-flats, we would recommend changing all the tyres on your vehicle.

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