How to Choose the Right Gearbox and Steering Oil

We all know that the gearbox and the steering oil are integral parts of any motorcycle, scooter etc., in order to make roads a safe place for two-wheeler riders.

Gearbox is the mechanism in which we change gears for different speed ranges. Gearbox oil is part of the lubricating system that keeps gears in your four-wheeler or car in good condition for maximum performance.   The gearbox oil provides lubrication and cooling to the gearbox, power transfer components, and bearings.  It also prevents corrosion and rust by covering parts with an anti-corrosive coating, meaning your vehicle needs little maintenance which contributes to its cost-efficiency.

Since its function is to lubricate, keep apart all moving parts and reduce friction, manufacturers produce several grades of oil:

  • High viscosity (HV) for extreme weather conditions:  cold or hot climates.
  • Medium viscosity (MV) for normal weather conditions: temperate countries.
  • Low viscosity (LV) for urban conditions: urban traffic jams, starts, and stops.

How to Choose the Right Gearbox oil?

-High-performance gear oils are usually preferred to meet best performance specifications. The grade of oil must also be appropriate for the age of your car.

-Oil with a lower grade will not heat up as much, reducing the risk of overheating and gearbox seizure.

-So you should always look for an HV or multi-viscosity oil like 10W/40 which is good for winters on the one hand and summers on the other since it works in both low and high temperatures without compromising on performance.

Steering oil

Steering oil is a fluid used in the steering mechanism of automobiles and other steered wheels to ensure an easy turning of the steering wheel.  Power Steering oil is used to make your vehicle sporty and stylish by killing road noise and providing proper comfort by reducing shocks.  You may also consider using a steering cover to keep the steering look better. Also, it prevents slippage of tyres from tyre tracks. Though there are many types of oils available in the market, choosing the right one becomes very important.

 Types of Steering Oil:

  • Lithium-based oil
  •  Sodium filled mineral oil
  • Non-petroleum based,
  • Synthetic oils

How to Choose the Steering oil?

Steering oil is analogous to engine oil in cars which are put under heavy stress when driven continuously at high speeds. The viscosity improver controls the shear ability between the inner wall of the gearbox and the gears and rollers inside it.

-Look for good wear resistance of the oil; products that reduce wear of the teeth by reducing friction between them are beneficial – i.e., less power is wasted as heat instead of producing motion.

-The steering oil should be able to resist oxidation (i.e., do not break down) at high temperatures which can be caused by continuous usage or climate conditions under which the car operates.

-Different cars have different steering system designs consisting of the rack, pinion, or recirculating ball so before buying you should check out your car’s specific requirements in its user manual.

-Most automotive manufacturers recommend changing gearbox oil after 30,000 km or every 2 years whichever is earlier

Things to consider when buying steering oil:

  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Brand name
  • Availability of spares
  • Installation cost
  • Cost-performance ratio
  • If it really suits your bike or not.

Finally, do not buy any cheap quality gearbox oil or steering oil even if its price gets you tickled because you might have to bear with troubles for months or years together like frequent stalling, slipping gears, etc. and that is not what you would want while riding on some busy road. So, the final words are to choose what fits your pocket without compromising quality.

Need a gearbox and steering oil?

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