How to Keep Your Old Dodge Truck as New

If you are a truck owner, and your list of trucks includes brands like Dodge, you are most probably going to drive the same old truck for years smoothly. But this much of assurance also presupposes that you take all the necessary measures in time to keep this good health of those trucks, to avoid untimely ageing of these reliable work machines.

A service mechanic who is associated with the center of Dodge service near South Haven commented that when your brand ensures you a reliable vehicle, it also tells you how to maintain its reliability. Following those steps is the key to that long life of those work trucks like Dodge that are known for serving all business purposes for years together. In other words, it is also the responsibility of the truck owner and the user to keep the old trucks in reliable condition.

When You Call a Truck Old?

If you are wondering if you should consider your Dodge truck as old, then see if it has crossed 100,000 miles alone for summer road trips. If it has, then here are the easiest and right ways to keep your old Dodge truck all-road ready.

Always Keep a Check on the Brakes

Trucks are meant to carry heavy load and go off road. That kind of driving indicates a lot of braking, especially if it drives up and down hill. If your Dodge truck has aged a bit, you need to keep a tab on its brakes regularly. Look for any sinking or spongy feeling on the brake pedal as it would be a sure sign of an ailing master cylinder of the brake. Simultaneously, keep a keen ear for any screeching sound when you apply the brake. To avoid a deadly brake failure, get the brakes inspected periodically and do keep changing the brake fluid following the instructions given in your owner’s manual.

Keep a Record of Oil Consumption and Check on Leaks

As your truck gets older, it will automatically tend to consume more of engine oil to run. But if you notice any unusual fall in the oil level, it is a typical signal that there is an oil leak. To prevent this from happening all the truck owners need to follow the regular maintenance schedule. In case of a leakage, they should act promptly to fix this issue and keep checking the oil level between the changes, before starting off for longer drives.

Maintenance of Shocks and Struts

Since trucks often undergo severe driving and off roading, the probability of uneven tire wear is more than other vehicles. As a result, the trucks tend to bounce more violently, especially on uneven roads. If your truck is showing the same signs it is an indication that its major drive components like shocks and struts have worn out, and it is becoming more and more dangerous to drive, as the vehicle is losing its body balance gradually. In such scenario, investing in a pair of new shocks and struts will help regain its usual performance capabilities.

According to the South Haven Dodge service center staff, apart from these above said ways, keeping your truck clean inside and out will help hide its age.

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