local tyre fitters Bicester

If your job involves you using your own vehicle to get around the UK to generate new business, then your tyres are covering a lot of miles. There is nothing worse than getting a puncture out in the middle of nowhere with the rain pelting down and you have to get out and repair it yourself. Many punctures happen because of wear on a tyre that weakens its integrity and if the tyre had of been checked, the puncture may have been avoidable. We take our tyres for granted and assume they will keep going, but some care and attention is needed if you are to remain safe on Britain’s roads.

Your local tyre fitters in Bicester can make all the necessary checks to ensure that you have the grip that you need and the correct tyre pressure to protect your tyre. If you need new tyres, the procedure is quite simple.

  1. They will jack up your car or put it on a hydraulic lift and remove the nuts from the wheel of the tyre. The air is let out and the tyre and tube is removed from the rim and in some cases, a new valve is added.
  2. You then pick your tyre depending on your budget and your driving style and requirements. Once happy, the tyre is then put back on the rim and is inflated to the required safe and recommended PSI.
  3. The tyre is then balanced and then tracked if you require this additional service, and then put back onto the car. A quick check that all nuts are sufficiently tightened and then your car is lowered.

All in all, about 40-50 minutes are required for changing all 4 tyres and you are back on the road again knowing that you are safe.









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