Radar Detector: Why Do I Need One?

Whether you are a professional driver or an everyday commuter, there are innumerable benefits to having a radar detector. The more time you spend on the road, the more chances there are of you getting exposed to getting tickets.

Sure, if you are a safe and smart driver then chances are that a radar detector may not be a tool that you seek. However, if you are a driver who goes into uncharted areas daily, or are just a driving enthusiast, here is a list of benefits of owning a portable radar detector.

Four Benefits of Driving with a Radar Detector:

Avoid Speeding Tickets: Nearly every driver has been the victim of a speeding ticket at some point in their lives. If you haven’t, more power to you, and we hope you keep that record up. For the rest of us, we know that feeling of having to pay for a speeding ticket, the fear of losing our license if we get caught again speeding within a certain time frame, and the reality of higher insurance premiums. It takes a toll on us financially and emotionally.

While driving with a radar detector, it will inform you of areas that have red-light cameras, speed cameras, or live law enforcement, allowing you to make the best driving decision possible in that moment.

Become a Smarter Driver: We all have those days where we are running late to an important event or meeting, or we simply get distracted by something while driving. No matter how hard we try to keep our eyes on the road and remain within the speed limits, we’re only human, and we all make mistakes.

Having a radar detector on hand while you are driving means that it can provide you with alerts and reminders about current or changing speed limits, temporary speed limits, and more, letting you be more aware of your surroundings and ultimately making you a safer and smarter driver.

Lower Insurance Rates: Even though high-quality radar detectors are more affordable than ever, some people initially balk at the price. But when you consider what even a single speeding ticket can do to your finances, the radar detector more than pays for itself. Not only do speeding tickets come with high price tags these days, they can drive your insurance rates through the roof, costing you hundreds if not thousands of extra dollars. Compared to that, a radar detector is a steal.

Use It on More Than One Vehicle: Portable radar detectors have a great advantage because they can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle. That makes them ideal if you own more than one vehicle, drive corporate or fleet cars, or drive rental cars on a regular basis.

No matter what vehicle you’re driving that day, a portable radar detector gives you all the benefits of a radar detector in a neat little package that fits in the palm of your hand.

Final Verdict:

Radar detectors aren’t just for speed demons. They can help any kind of driver: delivery, ride-share, or even just an everyday commuter. We are all risking our privilege of driving by getting behind the wheel. Driving around with a radar detector will help you avoid that risk, help you become a smarter driver, keep your insurance costs low, and can be versatile enough to move from vehicle to vehicle.

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