Rent A Truck For An Easy Move

If you are considering to move a lot of items, like when you would during an event when you are moving into a new home, you have probably considered hiring a moving service to help you out, however, what if there was a much better and cheaper solution out there?

Hire a truck

Instead of hiring a moving service, which is going to bring a truck and a couple of movers to your place, you can easily rent a truck yourself, and do all the moving with your friends. Naturally, you might need a tip or two on how to get things into the truck, since your probably don’t have experience with packing, but we got you covered with that later in the article.

Trucks can move items easily

Where to rent?

Today, there are quite a lot of renting services because people often move from one city to another because of business, since the time we live in is quite fast. While not all services tend to rent trucks, but mostly cars and vans only, you might have to do a little bit of research first.

What is important during your research, is to find a reputable company, someone like Go With The Gecko who has years of experience and good customer feedback. When it comes to renting trucks, there are certain rental services which will charge you for some extra services that you weren’t even aware of when you decided to rent, and those are the rental services you have to avoid at all cost.

Start big

When it comes to packing a truck with items when moving, the best thing to do is start off with the big items first. If you happen to be moving all the furniture, including big closets, kitchen elements, and a double bed if you have one, those are the things that you should load first.

Once you get the big items in, you should start packing the smaller items, like clothes, chairs, shelves, electronics. With items like clothes and utensils for example, the best way to pack is to use boxes. You can easily pick up boxes from a nearby super market for free, as they generally tend to dispose of those boxes as soon as they open them anyway.

By packing into boxes, moving the items around is going to be a lot easier, especially if you mark them. If you are using a professional truck rental from Go With The Gecko or a similar reputable company, you might receive some equipment to help you pack, such as duct tape or rope which helps when moving bigger items that are not that easy to grab.

Packing into boxes will help you

Final Word

If you are looking for a way to save a lot of money, hiring a truck is definitely a much better idea than hiring a moving service. On top of that, if you bring your friends to help you out, they will probably handle the items safer than some strangers.

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