The Ultimate Guide to the Auto Transportation process during the pandemic

Without a doubt, car transportation has gotten trickier with the ongoing pandemic shifting things around. Does that mean it’s unsafe or that it’s ill-advised? Not at all! With the right approach, it can even prove helpful to ship your car right now! As car shipping companies see fewer customers, since there are fewer cars active right now, you will likely find great deals on shipping. Continue reading to find the most important dos and don’ts when it comes to getting your car shipped during the pandemic!

1.     Prepare your car

If possible, you should prepare your car for shipping as you normally would. Do so by thoroughly cleaning your vehicle and remove everything from it, except for what belongs to it. Make sure to wipe down the interior with some type of disinfectant to remove any bacteria or virus that may be left over.

Consider leaving a supply kit, holding a pair of latex gloves, a face mask, and disinfectant wipes if you’re worried about handling. That will guarantee that whoever is inspecting your car before shipment will be fully equipped and protected, which will help speed the process along.

2.     Hand it off

As you’re handing the car off, make sure you’re following the recommended CDC guidelines. Wear a suitable mask, a pair of disposable gloves, use your own pen, and make sure to keep the social distancing of 6 feet. Respecting the distancing rule during the signing process can be done by approaching the papers in turns – first the inspector, and then you, to ensure the safety of all participants.

Make sure to wash your hands after the deal. In case a hazard-free signing process cannot be ensured, you can agree with the inspector to take photographs of the car and make them legally binding, by making a verbal agreement.

3.     Picking your car up

When receiving your car, after the transportation, make sure to respect the previously discussed guidelines with the same strictness as you previously did. Cross country transport shouldn’t create any opportunities for any germs to infiltrate the car, but you should clean it out with a disinfectant spray all the same.

Especially, make sure to disinfect commonly-used and touched objects in the car, such as the steering wheel, stick shift, radio, door handles, and the rearview mirrors. Even though cash is typically the preferred payment form, consider asking your shipping company whether you can pay using credit to further limit interaction.

4.     Common myths and misconceptions

When it comes to shipping your car during the pandemic, there are a lot of misguided ideas and uncertain points that are best clarified from the start. For example, international transfers aren’t any riskier than domestic ones. Both international and local automobile transport companies need to ensure the disinfection of car interiors as part of the process.

The same statement is true for vehicles produced completely or in part overseas. A pandemic is global in nature, meaning no country is free of risk. As a result, strict health and safety measures should always be enforced, especially when it comes to your health.

Another notion would be that it’s less safe than driving yourself. The problem with that is that when you move cars across the country, you need to make rest stops. Regardless of where that is, there are likely to be people around.

If you first need to get to the car, before driving it back to where you need it, that means taking public transportation on the way there. That is likely much less safe than the flexibility and guarantees offered by choosing an affordable car transportation company.

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