Tips to Getting a Car Service on the Cheap

As any car owner will tell you, regular car maintenance can break your wallet. Finding the right garage for your car is important to keep it roadworthy and its expenses under control. If you have just bought your car, you may find it challenging and more often than not, new car owners end up spending a great deal of money on regular maintenance.


Getting a cheap car service in Bath requires a little homework. Don’t visit a garage and ask the mechanic for car service right away. Car owners recommend conducting thorough research to find the best mechanic at an affordable rate. Look for garages that are located nearby since you are likely to leave your car there.

You can search online to shortlist several garages and then get their quotes. Make sure that their quotes include everything (labour, VAT, and so on). Find the least expensive one and stick with them.

Ask for an Estimate

A professional mechanic always offers a free estimate. If they don’t do it themselves, feel free to ask for it to get an idea of the total expense.

Read Reviews

Reviews are a testament that the mechanic is skilled enough to handle your car. Make sure to go through their customers’ reviews even if their services sound too good to be true.

Ask for a Warranty

A reliable mechanic always backs their work with a warranty. It allows you to have peace of mind. Apart from that, make sure that the used parts are manufactured by a reputable company.

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