Top 4 Volvo Semi Truck Models for Heavy Hauls


Volvo is a Swedish truck manufacturer that has made it big in the industry or trucking. Time and again, they release contemporary models of trucks that are suitable for different types of purposes. This article lists down some of the models of their trucks that are intended for heavy loads.

VNX Series

For heavy load operations, the first Volvo truck model that may come to your mind is the VNX series that the manufacturer recently released. The truck models in this series are specifically designed to deliver the power and performance needed for heavy hauls such as logging or the transport of machinery. When you search online sources, you are most likely to find a Volvo semi truck for sale at a very reasonable price. In this case, you can either stumble upon a VNX300 day cab or a VNX400 flat roof. You may even discover the VNX470 mid roof when you explore the internet.

VNR Series

Aside from the VNX series, you can also consider getting a Volvo truck model from the VNR series for your heavy-haul operations. However, you need to keep in mind that the trucks in this series are designed more for regional or long-hauls. Like with the VNX series though, a day cab and flat roof sleeper are also available in this series, alongside a mid-roof sleeper that provides more room and a high roof sleeper that has an increased cargo capacity.

VHD Series

Some heavy hauling happens off the highway, which means that your truck should be able to withstand off-highway conditions. But to get to the location, you still need to drive and cruise through a highway. This is where the VHD series from Volvo proves to be beneficial because they are built for both off- and on-highway road conditions while lugging heavy haul. In this series, you are most likely to find a truck with an axle-back configuration as well as one with an axle forward configuration.

VNL Series

Finally, you can also go for Volvo’s VNL series for your heavy-haul needs. The great part is that the trucks in the VNL series are also suitable for long-haul operations such as the trucks in the VNR series are designed. The trucks in this series are categorized into day cabs and sleepers, much like the lineup of the trucks in the other series offered by the Swedish truck manufacturer. Rest assured that the trucks that Volvo designs are highly visible on the road because they are incorporated with state-of-the-art LED lights.

Final Word

The Volvo truck models listed above are only some of the models that are intended for heavy hauls. Still, the best one that you can use generally depends on your specific needs. While the VNX series may prove to be the best one for heavy hauls, you may benefit more from the VNL electric series that brings the future now. The key is in figuring out what you need the truck model for, apart from loading a heavy haul, to maximize the use of the truck that you will acquire.

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