Water Repellent Spray And Hydrophobic Coating For Car Glass

Cleaning your car glass is a crucial part of car maintenance. You can prevent any challenge you may experience by using the right cleaning agent or even better, a ceramic glass coating. Also, a clean car glass means improved vision for you as you drive. Here are six reasons you should consider using a glass water repellent coating for your car.

5 Reasons To Use Glass Water Repellent Spray for Your Car Glass

Better Visibility:

A clean glass is vital to your safety while driving. Straining to see through a dirty or hazy car glass can be dangerous. No matter how good your wipers are, there is only so much it can do. How do you improve your visibility and safety? Use a glass water repellent spray. It will help to enhance the visibility of your car glass and prevent any unfortunate occurrences.

Easier to maintain:

Let’s face it, getting your car glass clean is a chore you want to get done in record time. A glass with water repellent coating is easier to clean than one without. The glass water repellent coating also makes it stain repellent. Some glass water repellent products like Nasiol C make glass surface anti-stick, thus keeping dirt, dust, and grease away. It also helps your glass stay protected from pollution.

Protects Against Bad Weather:

One of the causes of road accidents is bad weather. You can’t control the weather but you can make sure snow or a heavy downpour doesn’t frustrate you or worse lead to an accident. Water repellent coating for your car causes water to bead and promptly rolls off the glass. This increases visibility during adverse weather conditions. An added advantage is that it protects the surface applied from acid rain.

Prevents Oxidation:

Oxidation can make your car glass look hazy or like there are spots on it. Using water repellent coating on your car glass will prevent oxidation and leave your car looking new.

Reduces the Risk of Scratch:

Glass with water repellent coating will not provide complete anti-scratch but it reduces the risk of minor scratches and other smudges.


Glass water repellent coating can be applied to your glass windows and other glass surfaces. The benefits are numerous and improve the life span of your vehicle. Should you decide to sell your car, the state of your car glass will definitely affect its value. Therefore, it’s important you pay attention to the maintenance of your car glass.

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