What Must You Carry During Your ATV Rides?

The key to a successful trip on your ATVs or side by side is planning and preparation. You must take some time out beforehand and ensure that you have everything you would require for your journey. A little planning goes a long way and provides a safe and comfortable environment for you. The right equipment can get you out of sticky and unpredictable situations.

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Necessary items to keep in your ATV

The following are some important tools and items that you must keep in your ATV at all times to help you in times of emergencies.

  • Winch & Tow Straps: These are common tools among ATV riders and very handy during times of need. Especially if you are traveling alone and get stuck somewhere, these tools will help you remove the ATV from any ditch.
  • Waterproof Box: A waterproof is essential to keep your personal belongings. It will hold your wallet, keys, and phone. You will not have to worry about losing or destroying any of your belongings.
  • Portable Jump Box: A portable jump box may be a little heavy but can worth it in times of need. It carries spare batteries in case of your battery dying, leaving you stranded. These boxes can easily be fit into the waterproof box.
  • Cooler: A cooler is necessary to store water, which extremely necessary for any outdoor activity. Furthermore, it can also help you carry any refreshments or beverages.
  • Tire Patch Kit: While riding in harsh terrain, your tires may get flat, which would interrupt your trip. So a tire patch kit will help you fix the problem right away.

  • Extra gas: If your gas runs out during your trip, then the whole trip may get ruined. You must check the gas gauge before you leave, but a small extra gas container can be useful.
  • Survival Kit: It is important to carry a survival kit when you partake in any kind of outdoor activity. Especially when you are traveling alone, a survival kit with basic materials such as first aid, water, food must be carried during the journey.


The above-mentioned items can be helpful for you to carry during your journey. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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