Why It Is Important to Service Your Bike Regularly

All enthusiastic bike riders know that there are important features on their bikes that make sure their ride is always safe, smooth and enjoyable. Servicing your bike regularly is important if you want to ride safely and avoid costly repairs down the line. Here are some reasons why it is critical to service your bike.

Better Mileage

Servicing your bike regularly helps improve its mileage. A thorough inspection and check-up by a professional mechanic can alert you to issues that can end up causing the failure of some parts of your bike. A filter and oil change will work miracles when it comes to mileage, plus it allows you to have a smoother ride.


Bike maintenance and service is one of the preventive measures against riding an unsafe bike. Do not wait for any parts of your bike to pop while you are riding, as this can result in major damage to your motorcycle and injuries. When you service your bike on a regular basis, it will be lubricated, inspected and tightened, making sure that all parts are working properly, and they pose no risk of corroding, breaking or seizing.

Riding your bike while it has weathered tires can result in a bumpy ride or even a bad accident. You should ensure that your wheels together with the drive chain, clutch, brake pads and spark plugs are checked by a trained mechanic. You should also check your bike’s battery at each oil change. Your trained mechanic will also make sure electrolytes are at a good level, and inspect for problems from vibration and cracks.

Ensuring that everything on your bike is running perfectly will allow for a safer and smoother ride. Buy new bike parts if your mechanic advises you to do so. If you are looking for motorcycle parts online, visit Fowlers.

Improved Ride Quality

Generally, the less a bike vibrates or rattles, the better the ride will be. A quick service can help you get an enjoyable and comfortable ride while at the same time ensuring your bike will last for a longer period of time. Servicing your bike is worth it because you will save a lot on repair bills that could have been avoided because you will catch problems early, then make bike repairs as required and avoid getting hit with a huge bill. Also, you will avoid health-related problems that may arise as a result of the vibration and rattling from your bike. If some parts of your bike needs to be change, you can always get motorcycle parts online.

How often You Should Service Your Bike

The more you ride your bike the more you have to service it, particularly after riding in the rain, mud, sand and dirt. If you have taken some time without riding your bike, it’s critical to service it, as it may deteriorate while in storage.

All bikes have their regular service and maintenance schedule that is often listed in every owner’s manual. Therefore, you should make sure that these services are performed by a professional.

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