Witnessing a Hit and Run Driver? Don’t Be a Victim and Follow These 7 Steps Instead

Being involved in a hit and run accident can be very stressful, but it is even more taxing when the other driver takes off and flees the scene. When a driver leaves the scene of an accident, it is called a hit and run. Instead of being a helpless victim, there are some steps you can take to protect your rights and hold the other driver responsible for their actions.

Hit and Run Accidents are on the Rise

According to the Foundation for Traffic Safety, a hit and run happen about every 43 seconds. Because it is against the law for drivers to leave the scene without providing their information, this is considered a crime and should be treated as such. Thankfully, victims have the right to seek legal help from a corpus christi lawyer.

7 Steps to Take After Witnessing a Hit and Run Driver

When someone witnesses a hit and run, there are a few steps they need to take to ensure they can hold the other driver responsible for any damages or injuries they caused. Taking the following steps will help to protect your rights as a victim of a hit and run.

  1. If you were in your vehicle at the time of the crash and suffered injuries, call 911 right away. Do not attempt to leave your vehicle unless prompted to do so by the authorities or medics. Leaving your vehicle could be dangerous, depending on your circumstances.
  2. It is important to check for any witnesses to the accident. Checking for witnesses is important because they can be used to back up your claims. They may also be able to provide important information that could help in locating the driver who fled the scene of the hit and run.
  3. Only if it is safe, try to take some photos of the scene and your vehicle. If you are injured, ask someone to help gather this evidence. Videos and photos from the scene can be helpful in allowing you to gain evidence for pursuing your case.
  4. You should report the hit and run accident to the police within 24 hours. Many people call the police to the scene of the accident so an accident report can be filed. The police will gather information from the scene, talk with witnesses, and help the injured party by writing a report that can be used in pursuing compensation and criminal charges.
  5. It is also important you contact your insurance company right away. Provide them with as much information as possible so they can take the steps to begin processing your claim. They will perform an investigation to try and locate the responsible driver.
  6. Documenting everything is crucial during the process. Keeping detailed notes and safeguarding evidence will help to protect your rights and best interests.
  7. It is wise for injured victims to at least schedule a consultation appointment with an attorney so they can learn more about their rights and how the attorney will be able to help in holding the other driver accountable for their actions.

Scheduling a Consultation

A consultation is helpful for injured hit and run victims and is typically free. This appointment will allow the injured party to discover if they should hire an attorney to help them in the process. Getting help from an attorney can relieve a lot of stress.


If you have become the victim of a hit and run accident, it is important you take the above steps. Getting help from a lawyer will protect your rights and ensure the other driver pays compensation.

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